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    Kuja Application For Admin/Mod


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    Kuja Application For Admin/Mod

    Post  Kuja on Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:18 am

    Greetings. I am Kuja and want mod or admin. The end...

    Now i aint stupid to make it that small (or am i o.O). If i was elected for President....wait wrong forum. If i was chosen to become a Admin or moderator. I would bring entertaiment to the PKing world. Why Pk when u can Happypk. Theres a great difference. I would bring laughter while everyone kills. They always said better to die laughing Wink. I would also be fair, but not be strict unless serious rules are broken. I would also like to support the growth of this server.And make it the best Pking Server out there. I Know mostly alot of the admin commands that are needed and also the mod comands that are needed.

    Hope to speak to you soon grandma....ffs wrong screen.

    hope you read it fully

    Kuja xD

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