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    [Delirium] Mod/Admin Application.


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    [Delirium] Mod/Admin Application.

    Post  Delirium on Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:40 am

    Why I Would Want To Be A Moderator / Admin :

    I Like to Help People.

    What I Would Like To Achieve As A Moderator / Admin :

    My Goals Would Be To Attract More People To The Server Through Advertisement.
    Keep Order Throughout The Server.
    And Keep The Community Entertained With Lots Of Events.

    My Age :


    My Name :


    Previous Experience :

    Admin on 3 Different Flyff Private Servers
    Admin on 1 Shaiya Private Server
    Admin on 3 Other RS Private Servers
    Moderator on 4 Other RS Private Servers

    All These Previous Experiences Came to an End Due to Servers Closeing [Except the Shaiya]
    And Spread Out Over 6 Years

    Post Comments, and Feedback, If you Wish to Know Anything About Me, Post, Or Pm Smile

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